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“Hello God, It’s Me” — Perspectives on the Infinite Ways We Embrace Religion and Practice our Faith. A Conversation with Méli Solomon, Founder, Talking With God Project.org

The Talking with God Project is a research project into lived religion among followers of the Abrahamic religions––Judaism, Christianity and Islam. With so much distrust of the “other” wouldn’t it be beneficial for us to better understand the nature of the similarities and differences amongst peoples--especially religious and cultural differences. My most recent guest, Méli Solomon, is an inter-religious leader who seeks to understand--and, importantly, share with the rest of us--the range of practices amongst people walking diverse religious paths.   

In this episode we discuss-- 

  • The infinite ways we “practice” our religion. 
  • How respondents distinguish between prayer and talking with God. 
  • Reflections on the nature and quality of prayer. 
  • How differences in age, socio-economic or education may impact our relationship with God. 
  • The importance of understanding the nature and quality of the religious practice of others. 
  • How Méli brings her work and learnings to the greater community through speaking, webinars and workshops. 

And so much more. 


“People who are different--or the “other” can seem threatening,” says Méli. “How to reduce that fear, and increase curiosity, knowledge of and connection are the driving forces in my research and community engagement.” 



To find out more about Méli, the Talking With God Project, her most interesting discoveries, or her speaking and writing, go to www.TalkingWithGodProject.org.