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I’M READY FOR MY CLOSE-UP, ARE YOU? — A Conversation with Photographer, Karianne Munstedt

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Why do so many women cringe at the sight of a camera? It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s for a snapshot at the beach, a family photo or the business headshot. Very few women seem to love how they look in pictures. Why is that?

Could your fear of being photographed represent something deeper than just a dislike of your full face, double chin or not so itty-bitty tummy?  And could the consequences of that fear be more significant than just wanting to stand behind your cousins in the family photos? 

My latest guest, Karianne Munstedt, an award-winning photographer, inspirational speaker and coach, believes she knows the answer.  And importantly, she shared it with me:


In this most recent episode you’ll hear from a photographer with a fascinating personal story and journey who is on a mission to help women step into their full potential--and in front of a camera! 

We also chat about…

  • The importance of releasing negative self-talk and why you may want to start changing your thoughts - now.
  • How letting loose of perfectionism can help you embrace the beauty that is you.
  • What it means to “See Yourself Exist in Photos.”
  • How, with the right mindset and attitude, any woman can photograph with an inner confidence and glow. 
  • What a “Brand Photo” is, who needs one, and where you should use it.
  • Karianne’s signature talk, “From Bully to Bestie--How Changing Your Thoughts Changes Everything.”

And so much more.


“What if your grandchildren never got to see you in photos because you didn’t want to be in front of the camera?” asks Karianne. “Do not let that happen. “Someday,” she says, “it’s going to break your heart.”


To find out more about Karianne Munstedt or her photography, speaking or coaching, go to www.kariannemunstedt.com. Also, be sure to check out the beautiful photographs of “real” women and shots from her exhibition--40 Women Over 40