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An Island For So Long – A Journey to Gender Identity a Conversation with Dayne Bachmann, LCSW

Honestly, after conducting more than 40 interviews over the past two years for this podcast and another, this interview was one of the most challenging for me. In this conversation I speak with Mr. Dayne Bachmann, a licensed clinical social worker and owner of Twin Peaks Counseling located in Derby, CT.  Dayne’s is the first episode exploring the issues and challenges faced by those in the LGBTQ community. I plan to do others.

For me, the challenge began with something as simple as language.  In the introduction, I referred to Dayne as a transgendED man.  A few minutes into our conversation, he gently corrected me.  “The proper term,” he said, “is transgendER man.”  And so it began.

Isn’t this what it”s all about---to begin to understand the world from the point of view of another?

Continuing the interview, Dayne clarified additional terms, including, “gender identity,” “gender reassignment,” “non-binary,” etc.  In the heart of this episode, Dayne shared his personal journey to find his own gender identity and the disconnect he experienced growing up feeling as a boy/man trapped in the body of a girl/woman.  These are concepts that can be difficult for straight people to understand, and you’ll hear some of that in this conversation. 

We also chat about:

What it means to be transgender---the differnce between one’s genetic profile and the sense of who they are truly meant to be.

Transitioning----what does it mean?  Is it only one thing?

Gender reassignment.

Confronting negative stereotypes.

How, as a licensed clinical social worker, Dayne helps others discover their own gender identities, and counsels individuals and families through the process.

An Island For So Long”, Dayne’s book describing his personal journey. He hopes it will give hope to those who are struggling with the same issues and challenges he confronted.

And so much more…



According to Dayne, “It is possible one day to feel more male (or female) at any given point in time.”  “Your gender identity is on a continuum,” he adds.”  “It doesn’t have to be black or white.” “There are people who stay in the closet forever because of fear, lack of support or lack of knowledge,” says Dayne.  “I hope through my work with the transgender and LGBTQ communities, and especially through my book, I am able to alleviate some of that fear, provide support and understanding and guide others on their journey to live the life they were meant to live. “



Find out more about Dayne, his upcoming book, “An Island For So Long” and Twin Peaks Counseling at www.twinpeakscounseling.com. Or reach out to him at dbachmannlcsw@gmail.com.