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I GUESS I’LL GO EAT WORMS! A Conversation About Tasty and Nutritious Edible Insects with Entomophagy Expert & Advocate, Bill Broadbent


While my conversation with Bill Broadbent, entomophagy expert and entrepreneur in the fast-growing edible insect industry, is a diversion from my typical interview, trust me, there’s a connection to making the world a better place here.  

Yup, edible insects. Bill’s mission is to make edible insects part of the daily American diet. So, I asked him to help us understand why edible insects are finally becoming a serious food source in North America. Remember, people used to laugh at air flight, moon landings, and electric cars.  I’ll leave it to you, dear listener, to decide whether Bill is out there or a true pioneer.  

After you hear from Bill, you may end up more receptive to the idea of a snack of fried beetles, or crushed ants as a crunchy alternative to chopped nuts on your ice cream sundae.  

How and why more people should eat insects fascinates me.  I hope we’ll pique your interest too--if not your appetite.  Bon appetit!

Listen to my conversation with Bill as we discuss:
  • Why Americans are just now talking about edible insects, when cultures around the world have been eating bugs for thousands of years 
  • The health benefits of eating insects  
  • How raising insects for food can have such positive environmental benefits  
  • Who raises insects for human consumption and how 
  • How do the insects cultivated for food differ (or not)  from the crickets and beetles found in your own backyard  
  • How to raise your own edible bugs at home and why you just might want to 
  • Tasty ways to add edible insects to your diet--you don’t need to eat the wings and legs!  
  • Which species of bug are the most “tasty,” and which are more desirable to chefs and creative cooks 
  • The historical reasons why Americans have not embraced insects as food   
  • And why entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this new business opportunity 

…and so much more. 


“Insects are an ancient food source for billions of people around the world,” Bill says, “yet, they are virtually non-existent in North America.” “Edible insects are a healthy and environmentally sustainable source of protein,” Bill continues. “This is not some conspiracy to save meat for the wealthy.” (Yes, some people believe that.) According to Bill, “Logic, our health and the environment all point to adding insects to our diet.”  


You can learn more about Bill and tasty bugs at EdibleInsects.com.