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“What’s Love Got to Do With It?” A Conversation with Arlene Washburn, Master Executive Certified Matchmaker and Science-Based Dating and Relationship Coach

What’s love got to do with it, you ask. According to my latest guest, Arlene Washburn, a heck of a lot. But, it’s not the kind of love you might think. It’s not the love you find with another; it’s the love you have for yourself. As Arlene describes in our conversation, when you fall in love with yourself first, it will be easier to find the romantic love you seek.

Arlene was a highly-sought out executive matchmaker when she realized that many of her clients lacked the first element to finding that perfect mate: the self confidence and appreciation for themselves that others would find attractive. She wanted to maximize every opportunity for her client’s true personally and positive traits to shine through. But how to help them do that? That’s when she struck upon the idea that in order to support her matchmaking she needed to add a coaching component to her work. And her science-based Get Real, Get Love Coaching System was born.

In this episode we discuss--

  • The differences between a matchmaker, a dating service and on-line dating
  • How time-starved professionals can benefit from professional matchmaking services
  • Why self-love is the first step to finding the perfect mate
  • Realistic dating expectations and how to set them
  • The role mindset plays in dating and how to develop a positive one
  • Why you need to get real to get love
  • Her best dating tips
  • Taking a Love Cleanse

And so much more.


“To be truly successful in finding your perfect mate, and more importantly, build a happy relationship, you first need to develop self awareness, and appreciate and love yourself” says Arlene. “From there,” she continues, “focus on setting realistic expectations.” “Once you know who you are and what you truly want in a mate (not what society tells you should want), my dating advice becomes simple: Keep an open mind and give the relationship time.”


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